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Your business needs digital solutions to compete. We offer affordable and easy to understand Web marketing products.

Your website is the foundation of your web presence.

Kazooky Buzz Pages

A fresh and dynamic way to promote your business Online. Kazooky Buzz Pages are your price competitive answer to quickly promoting your business and products.

Starting at $264.95.

Lead Generator Websites

A Kazooky Lead Generator Website will start your climb up the Google rankings. This means your websit will more targeted traffic and that turns into new leads and sales.

Starting at $2,495.

Total Custom Websites

When you need a website that can completely integrate and operate in unison with your business. This is for companies who want to take digital to the next level.

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Digital Marketing packages that fit your business growth.

Top of Google in 1 Day

How would being ranked #1 on Google help your business?

Price: $234.95

Google analytics

Improve the performance of your website, add some Google science.

Price: $159.95

content marketing

Adding high quality content will greatly increase your online visibility and increase traffic.

Price: $94.95

business reputation building

Your reputation on Google and  Yelp is critical to your business success.

Price: $219.95

Google local connect

Put your business on the Google map. As a local business, you need local customers.

Price: $119.95

Highlight your products

Make your products and services stand out on Google = More sales and leads

Price: $64.95 per page

Setup Social Media

Add and optimize the RIGHT social media account for your business.

Price: $129.95 per account

Resturant Reputation building

For a restaurant, customer reviews are everything. Control your reputation and increase your bottom line.

Price: $244.95

get ranked on google

Improve your rankings on Google search resultsand get more customers.

Price: $134.95 per keyword per 3 months

social blast

Blast your website across social media – instant awareness and engagement.

Price: $34.95 per blast

social media marketing

Start your social media marketing , create awareness and  engage your customers.

Price: $179.95 per channel per month

update business information

Keep your business up to date on your website, Google, Yelp and Bing.

Price: $89.95 per


You need to understand the effectiveness and reach of your Website and overall effectiveness of your Web presence. Our Performance Dashboards give you need in a quick and easy to understand way, so you can make the right decisions for your business.

About Kazooky Media

Kazooky is dedicated to delivering time critical Web promotion solutions.

Through out team of highly talented digital marketers we will create a promotional Web Strategy for your immediate and long term needs. Kazooky Digital will significantly improve your WEB presence.

  • "The guys at Kazooky have been great to work with. Right from the beginning they took the time to understand our needs and executed. They work well with my team to make sure that we are all pushing in the same direction Since working with Kazooky we have seen record growth and there is no doubt that Kazooky's work has been an integral part of this success."

    Anthony Zelen
    Anthony ZelenOwner / Tactix Gym
  • "I have worked with many different programmers and marketing consultants in the last 12 years of running an online business. And it’s far too often those people have chronically overpromised and underdelivered. Or been wildly unrealistic in their ability to meet deadlines. Or been just plain difficult to work with. Working with the team at Kazooky was a huge relief. Projects done on time and on budget. People speaking plain English instead of programmer gobbley-gook. Combining attention to detail on the ground with a good understanding of the overall strategic vision of the project. I am giving them my most enthusiastic recommendation."

    Stephan Kesting
    Stephan KestingStephan Kesting / Grapplearts
  • "My website needed updating and I just wanted to focus on a simple and clean layout. When I spoke with Chaz it was clear that he immediately understood my needs and the nature of my business. The process of completing my website was quick and painless and the guys at Kazooky did a great job."

    Rino Dinicolo
    Rino DinicoloOwner / Sandpiper Contracting
  • "Chaz Green and Kazooky revolutionized our society’s website, making it dynamic, fast, easy to navigate and packed with eye-catching pop-ups that lead the user around the site. The website is often the first thing someone compliments us on and it regularly bring us new volunteers and donors who want to be part of the action."

    Ruth Foster
    Ruth FosterCo-Founder / Mossom Creek Hatchery & Education Center
  • I have been really impressed working with Chaz and the Kazooky team. Their planning and execution has been thorough and diligent. The results have been great so far and I am looking forward further improvements.  

    Ritchie Yip
    Ritchie YipOwner / Infighting Training Centers
  • "The Kazooky team took the time to understand our short term and long term business needs while addressing the immediate issue of improving our online status. I feel comfortable knowing Kazooky has our business growth in mind while ensuring we take care our immediate needs."

    John McEwen
    John McEwenOwner / Save On Laser
  • "Kazooky increased traffic to my website by 60% and I have seen the difference both in how busy my store is and to my bottom line."

    Dave Schmidt
    Dave SchmidtOwner / Atex Designer Fabrics
  • "As the new mayoral candidate on the block, I knew I had an uphill challenge to convince the voting public of my mayoral credentials. I needed to get a strong and concise message out with high impact statements. To achieve this would require a strong digital presence at the the core of the way in which I disseminated my messages. The Kazooky team hallenged my communication thought process and turned my digital campaign into a winning formula. The digital component of my campaign was, without a doubt, a significant contributor to my campaign message being heard and resulted in being a positive contributor to a winning formula."

    John McEwen
    John McEwenMayor of Anmore
  • "I own a small boutique renovations company and I needed a web presence. Chaz walked me through the process of putting a website together. My website is clean and simple and meets my needs. Chaz has a ton of web knowledge and experience and combines that well with a solid business understanding."

    Jared Carrier
    Jared CarrierOwner / Ion Projects Ltd
  • Kazooky had my website ranked on the front page of Google within a week of the website going live. And then I closed a deal with a large software company within the first month after the lead came through the website.

    Peter Spotzl
    Peter SpotzlOwner / Metal and Wood Products

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