Exclusive and Unique Digital Real Estate Marketing Plan

If you are looking to attract more leads, bolster your image among your peers or increase your brand awareness, there are many key tactics you are going to want to understand. You need a monthly digital marketing plan.

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Social Media WOW!

The core of your custom digital real estate marketing plan is creative social media. Through regular fun, interesting and engaging posts you will grow your audience and attract the business you are looking for.


But you need the “WOW” factor.


Step out of the stale and boring real estate “marketing” that every Realtor® and real estate professional is doing. Grow your following by setting yourself apart.

Would ranking at the top of Google be good for your real estate business?

Search Engine Optimization
google webmaster tools
Real estate is a local business, in many cases in can be considered hyper local. Your focus and your service area can be across many cities or be as narrow as a single neighbourhood. By ranking at the top of Google for keywords relevant to your service area, you are assured to significantly improve your real estate business.


These relevant and high traffic keywords lead to people who are looking for you and your business. These are warm leads that quickly turn into new business.

Start marketing to your email list. Seriously.

Real Estate Email Marketing
In study after study, it is proven that consistent email marketing has the #1 ROI among all digital marketing tactics. Despite the perceived decline of the value of email, it continues to be the top growth tactic among digital marketing tactics.


Are you marketing to your email list? Monthly newsletter? Property updates? Do you need to grow your email list?


How are your email delivery and open rates? Are you 100% in accordance with CASL?

Thought Leadership & Content Marketing

Thought Leadership
Become “famous” in your service area. If you want to be seen as the authority in a neighbourhood you absolutely need to be a source of information in that community.


Contact local blogs, news outlets and social media channels and offer to write a weekly articles and reports that are innovative and cutting edge about real estate in your market.

Performance Dashboard

In the end, all of the tactics above mean nothing if there are no results. So with every product at Kazooky, we give you a Performance Dashboard. Your dashboard is full of easy to understand stats that show you the results of your Kazooky web products and campaigns.


This insight gives you the ability to take action on tactics that are trending up and manage tactics that might need to updated. But the end result is a transparent and quantified approach to your digital business.

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