Custom and Unique Websites For Real Estate Agents

You need to make a statement. Your website should be unique and exclusive to you. Your website should tell everyone that you are serious about your business. That you are a real estate marketing expert.

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Unprecedented Exclusivity

What does exclusivity mean? Exclusive to your service area. Kazooky is in the business if helping it’s client improve their business. Not creating more competition for them. We limit the amount competitive overlap so you can feel confident about always being in the lead. These are not just website for real estate agents, they are a website for you.

Service Area Exclusivity

You have spent a lot of time and money securing your brand in a specific area. The last thing you need is your digital partner creating more competition for you. So as a way to offer absolute trust, we will give you area exclusivity.

Exclusively Your Focus

We don’t just stop at exclusive areas and regions. We will also offer exclusivity to your focus. Maybe you are the Condo King or Queen of Toronto. We will give you exclusivity to a Kazooky web presence for condos in Toronto.

Own A Neighbourhood

As a Realtor®, being an expert in a specific area is a strong unique value proposition. Consider a Kazooky Neighbourhood website and we will make that neighbourhood exclusively yours.

Don Butt Luxury Real Estate Specialist

“The Kazooky team nailed exactly what I was looking for. The process was pain free and fast. I continue to work with them and I recommend their real estate marketing services at every opportunity.”


– Don Butt, Realtor

Enhanced Property Listings

Whether your clients are selling or buying they want to know that you are giving them the best service possible. What better way than to make their listings look better than every other website online? Every Kazooky website for real estate agents gives you the control and influence of our Enhanced Property Listings.

Full Page Images

Show your listings in all of their glory. Use your HD photos to show off the high value features of your homes for sale.

Add Your Property Videos

If you have videos of your listings, add them to your property listing page. 92% of video consumers share with others.

Completely Custom

This is your property listing. Make it unique to your brand. Separate yourself from all of the cookie cutter “me toos” and make a statement.

See some Kazooky enhanced property listings

Don Butt Enhanced Property Listing
Don Butt Enhanced Property Listing
Monet Tyler Enhanced Listing Pages
Monet Tyler Enhanced Property Listing
Elaine Benson Enhanced Property Listing
Elaine Benson Enhanced Property Listing

Generate New Business

Your website should do one thing really well, generate new business. A custom and professionally designed website for real estate agents will be found on Google WILL create instant credibility and trust with potential new clients.

Found On Google

90% of real estate searches start online. If your customers can’t find you online then you are simply not being found.

Customized To Your Brand

Our websites for real estate agents are completely customized to your brand – communicating your unique and professional service.

Instant Lead Alerts

It is said that by responding to a lead within 5 minutes of receiving, increases your chance of closing by 9 times. Our system sends you leads instantly – never any lag time.

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