Business Websites

It is a certainty that at some point your website will become part of your customer’s decision making process.

Just a simple question – why do you want a website?

The obvious is answer is “because everyone has one.”


Or “because if I don’t have a website, no one will do business with me.”


Both of these answers are correct and obviously compel you to have a website for your business.


But why else?


  • Do you want to people to find you on Google and generate leads from your website?
  • Or maybe you already do good business but you just need a professional and credible Web presence?
  • Or maybe you want to start an ecommerce aspect to your business?

There are many reasons to have a website. But take some time and really consider what you expect to get out of your website before making that decision to move forward.

  • "Chaz Green and Kazooky revolutionized our society’s website, making it dynamic, fast, easy to navigate and packed with eye-catching pop-ups that lead the user around the site. The website is often the first thing someone compliments us on and it regularly bring us new volunteers and donors who want to be part of the action."

    Ruth Foster
    Ruth Foster Co-Founder / Mossom Creek Hatchery & Education Center

A Web presence for every business or organization.

To create a strong Web presence, that is going to be expensive, right? Not necessarily. Remember the question we asked, “Why do you need a website?” Well, if you can answer that then that will determine your price.


Kazooky delivers websites that work for your business. Any type of business or organization, at any stage in its’ life cycle.


Take a look at our website solutions below. Each one has been built based on the needs of our clients.

  • Business Basic
    • Modern, single page, layout
    • Mobile responsive & friendly
    • Google Optimized For Top Results
    • Wordpress framework - grow & evolve
    • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
    • $25 per month for hosting, maintenance & support
  • Business Custom
    • Totally Custom
    • Mobile responsive & friendly
    • Google optimized for top results
    • 1 hour per month of updates and changes
    • Unlimited bandwidth & speed
    • $93.50 per month for hosting, maintenance & support