Content Marketing: Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?

Experts agree that communication is important for relationships; but it’s not just romantic, friend and family relationships that require clear and concise communication. If you, as a business owner, don’t know who you are trying to target with your marketing message, your message – and marketing dollars – will be wasted.

Let’s not let that happen.

Hey, do you know who I am?

“Do you know who I am” is not just a statement celebrities yell when trying to get out of parking tickets. Your website content has to provide quick and clear insight into who you are, what you provide and why your clients need your services.

Do you remember the first trailer for 2004 Stepford Wives movie? Most theatre goers thought it was a car ad that ran before the show. Thousands of dollars and an experienced Hollywood marketing team failed to generate interest in the show because nobody knew what was being sold.

Poorly written content can easily fall into this category. In the rush to explain why people need to check out your amazing service, product or portfolio, many fail to lead with what that product is! When you don’t grab your reader’s attention from the get-go, you don’t convert readers to sales.

I know who you are, but why are you talking to me?

You can and you should target your online content to a specific audience. Yes, the World Wide Web is accessible by millions all over the globe, but casting a wide net and hoping a few of your favourite fish are swept up does not gain you the customers or online traction you need.

Properly written content is like fishing with bait. The fish you don’t want keep going but the fish you want are overcome by temptation and bite. You can get those bites by making sure your bytes are carefully crafted to speak to the people that need you most.

How do I reach the right people with the right words?

Content marketing, SEO, digital marketing – there are so many ways to gain an online presence, but to be truly effective, you need to work with professionals that specialize in this field. Content marketing agencies carefully track and analyze the keywords that people are using to find what you offer. Once they identify those keyword phrases, they create a campaign that is customized, scalable, and just for you.

It is important that your campaign is custom-designed. Consider the case of soda company A and soda company B. Let’s call them Soda Delight and Soda TickleBubbles. Soda Delight has been in business for 15 years and has made the jump from selling to the public to selling directly to large distributors. Soda TickleBubbles is a startup and sells their new soda product at trade shows and in-store kiosks as they gain market share. Both companies decide to increase their online presence.

Soda Delight makes the mistake of not researching a good content marketing agency and winds up with a campaign based around the word “soda”. No consideration was given to the fact that the company wanted to target distributors. Even worse, this random marketing company didn’t oversee the curation of social media content and published tweets and Facebook posts about the harmful effects of soda on their client’s social media feeds!

Soda TickleBubbles did their homework and found an outstanding content marketing agency that designed a campaign around their “healthy soda alternative”. The content and social media campaign reached out to the end users that wanted a bubbly, throat tickling soda without excess sugar and chemicals. Each social media post was created or curated to reach the young, active audience that liked a healthy drink that felt like a treat. Soda TickleBubbles’ tweets went viral and soon big distributing firms took notice of the increasingly-popular drink. A few years later they pocketed big cheques and walked happily into early retirement when they sold their company to a national brand.

Wishful thinking? It’s a fun parable, but one that is firmly rooted in reality.   We have all seen companies miss the communication mark, but this does not have to be you. Expert content marketing that lets the readers know who and what you are, and that targets only the readers you need, is only a phone call away. Add in great social media content that is shared among your target audience and has real value, and you have content marketing that gets you results.


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