Best Real Estate Canada Keywords

Keywords are the lifeblood of Google. 

This article could stop here. This is such an important concept to understand. But this article isn’t about how Google works or how the right keyword selection can put your real estate business over the top. This article is meant to show you the most searched real estate Canada keywords, as ranked by Google. And then show why this is important to your real estate business. So let’s jump right in and take a look at the top real estate Canada keywords.

List of Best Real Estate Canada Keywords

  1. houses for sale
  2. homes for sale
  3. condos for sale
  4. mls listings
  5. condos
  6. real estate
  7. realtor
  8. property for sale
  9. luxury homes
  10. mls listing

Localize, Localize, Localize

This list of keywords has real value if you have a national business. But for most Realtors® your business is local, in fact it is hyper local. Meaning that you are not just focused on an area or even a city but in many cases a specific neighbourhood. And then you might even be focused on just condos, detached homes or townhouses.

Focused and hyper local.

This means the keywords you are optimizing for need to have a local focus. In addition to your website being structured to let Google know that you are servicing a specific geographic area. But that is for another article. Back to your keywords, you need to ensure that you are augmenting the above keywords with geographic locations like Vancouver or Toronto or with specific  Neighbourhoods like Heritage Woods. This is the traffic you want. If you rank near the top for these keywords, this will deliver traffic to your website of people proactively searching for your service.

Using some of the keywords in the list and geographic indicators:

  • vancouver houses for sale
  • toronto condos
  • heritage woods homes

You can see how this combination becomes locally focused while still using top real estate Canada keywords.

When a top keyword isn’t really a top keyword

Considering the list above, I actually removed the #1 keyword from the list. In fact the #1 keyword sees about 10x as much traffic as the #2 keyword. So why would I remove it?


You know how some words sound or are spelled exactly the same but have 2 totally different meanings? Well in the case of keywords, they can be exactly the same but have 2, 3 or more contexts. It’s great to rank high on Google and get lots of traffic to your real estate website. This is the dream after all. But if your website is ranking high for a keyword that is not relevant to your business, this is a complete waste of your time.

In the case of real estate Canada keywords, the keyword I removed from the list was:


The acronym MLS absolutely has relevance to your real estate business. And if you were able to get traffic of potential home buyers & sellers searching for “MLS”, as it pertains to real estate, then that would turn into good business for you. But here’s the rub, if you haven’t already guessed, MLS is also “Major League Soccer”. The reason MLS gets 10x as much traffic as the next keyword on the top real estate Canada keyword list, is because it is a major professional sport.

So unless you are selling real estate to professional North American soccer fans (maybe there is a hook there?), then ranking high on Google for the keyword “MLS” might not have the positive outcome for your business that you hoped.

Going back to the very first sentence of this article, “keywords are the lifeblood of Google”, it is imperative that one of your very first steps in your digital journey is to create a focused keyword strategy for your website, content and social media.

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