Understand the TRUE value of your real estate search ranking

Keywords WILL improve your website traffic – FACT

In the contemporary world of smartphones and search engines, your real estate business’s web presence is the number one way to attract clients. The number of people who come across your website when searching for a real estate agent directly translates into the number of people who hire you for your services. The best thing you can do for your business, then, is to increase the number of people who find your website through search engines through creating strong real estate search ranking.

The Power behind Search rankings, high engagement and lead conversion.

Google and other search engines—Yahoo, Ask, and Bing—take a keyword phrase from the user, and return a list of results. For example, if you go to Google and search for the phrase “Vancouver realtor,” you’ll get a list of relevant ads, followed by the Google map of Vancouver Realtors®Wikipedia page for digital marketing, followed by industry websites and then individual Realtors®. If you’re doing serious research, you’ll probably read the first ten or twenty results, but most people only read a few. Someone searching for a local real estate agent, for example, might only read the first few results.

In fact, the change in web traffic based on Google ranking is quite dramatic. One study claims that the first result will get 42.13% of visitors to click on it, while the second result only gets 11.90%. In other words, being the top Google result will get you four times more traffic than being second place! Furthermore, the eighth, ninth, and tenth results, which are all still on the first page of results, get around 3% traffic each. If your business shows up towards the bottom of the first page of results, then, you could get over 14 times the traffic by moving to the top spot.

The prospect of such a dramatic increase in traffic is exciting, but it won’t happen overnight.

Using Keywords to get search results

The way people get to your website through a search engine is not straightforward. Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, and your website may be buried som
ewhere in the results for hundreds of different keyword phrases. For example, if you work as a Realtor® in Vancouver, search engines may index your website for keywords such as “Vancouver real estate,” “realtors in Vancouver,” “sell home Vancouver,” and countless more, depending on the specific content of your website.

Because of this complexity, you will need to find the keywords for which your website is highly ranked, and the keywords that most often lead people to find your website. You’ll also want to figure out what keywords people are most likely to use when they’re searching for a business like yours—for example, you may want a list of the top Canada real estate keywords. Then, you want to optimize your website’s content in order to use these keywords more frequently and achieve a high real estate search ranking.

The science of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the business of understanding how to improve your website’s rankings for certain keywords. There are many guides online that you can use to get a better understanding of how SEO works, and you’re welcome to attempt it yourself. However, SEO takes a lot of work and expertise, so if you’re running your own real estate business, you’ll be better off hiring proven experts to handle it for you.

SEO analysts know how to find the right keywords to lead potential clients to your website, and they work to produce content, such as blog posts and articles, that incorporate those keywords in ways that improve your ranking in search engine results. They also work to understand the constantly changing algorithms behind search engines, in order to develop new strategies for optimizing your content. Finally, SEO analysts track your rankings for a wide variety of keywords, and constantly re-evaluate their strategies in response to your real estate search ranking.

SEO, when you consider direct ROI,  is one of the newest is one of the and most effective digital marketing techniques, especially in fields such as real estate where a large amount of new business comes through visitors to your website. Picture this scenario: someone in need of a Realtor® types in one of the most common Vancouver real estate keywords. They are quite likely to visit the top result, and somewhat likely to visit the next few results, but only a handful of potential clients will see results eight, nine, and ten. When a potential client makes this search, you want your website to be as high up in the rankings as possible, so that more potential business flows your way.

If you have a highly polished website that has been optimized for the top keywords in your industry, then you can be the first result that stops people from bothering to look at the second.

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