Your Real Estate Website Should Generate New Business

In Every Case Your Real Estate Website Should Generate New Business

Your website can and should generate new business for you. Our approach to building real estate websites is simply focused on generating results, new business, for you. When we decided to approach the real estate market, we asked ourselves one simple question:”Are we able build real estate websites that will generate business for our clients?”


Our answer was then was “Absolutely.” And the answer now, after many successful releases, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”.


And below are genuine results that are relevant to increasing your business growth. If you feel you might be interested in learning, contact us any time.

Real Estate Website Results

Kazooky real estate websites more than triple their web traffic.

Kazooky real estate websites improve their Google ranking by more than 60 spots.

Kazooky real estate websites, on average, generate a new lead every day.

Kazooky Real Estate Marketing
  • Real estate marketing is changing and I want to be able to stay ahead of the curve. I knew that a custom website that focused on quality photography and video would keep my marketing relevant. The Kazooky team nailed exactly what I was looking for. The process was pain free and fast. I continue to work with them and I recommend their real estate marketing services at every opportunity.

    Don Butt
    Don Butt #1 Tri Cities Remax Real Estate Agent
  • Kazooky has revolutionized the way I market my real estate listings. Not only do my listings sell faster but I am simply offering a higher level of service. And this helps me acquire new clients and be seen as a leader in my area.    

    Willi Isaak
    Willi Isaak Award Winning Realtor

Why A Kazooky Built™ Website Is Different

Kazooky was built on one focus: Results.


We understand that there are many layers required to achieve results and we approach these layers very seriously. We call these the “Pillars of Optimization”. When building websites or doing anything on the Web, it is a matter of optimization and not guess work. It is rare to ever hear the words “I think…” around the Kazooky office.


So over the years of building websites and executing on successful digital campaigns, we have been able to refine our approach based on tangible metrics and optimized results. And we have brought this experience to the real estate sector.

Search Optimization

At the forefront of any digital campaign is the need for people to find your website and service. So our #1 focus is to ensure that your website is optimized for the best possible results on Google. If your website is found by people looking for your service, this is the start you are looking for.

Conversion Optimization

After we have secured a steady stream of targeted traffic from Google to your website, the next step is to convert that traffic into leads. This is called conversion optimization. This is a significant tactic that when delivered correctly, can make your leads and sales soar.

Mobile Optimization

Over 60% of your Web traffic will come from a mobile device. Making your desktop a secondary platform. So why are companies still developing website for desktops? Frankly, we are happy that they are. Bottom line is that you need to cater to the majority. And this makes your mobile Web experience your priority.

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