Realtor Web Stats: Pages Per Session

As part of our Realtor® Web Stats series, we are aiming to help Realtors® understand the value of website KPIs. If you care to, there is a lot of data to sort through, and it can be overwhelming. So as a Realtor® we want to help you focus on the important Web Stats and their subsequent real value.

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Today’s Realtor® Web Stat: Pages Per Session

Pages Per Session is the average number of pages viewed during a session on your website. More pages per session means that users are more engaged and exploring more of your website. In your Google Analytics account, to view your Pages Per Session metric, navigate to the Audience > Overview page.

Pages Per SessionThe average pages per session for a real estate website is approximately 2.5. Obviously this changes based on day of the week, time of the day, what promotions you are running and what your newest blog post is all about. But 2.5 is the average so this is the expectation we will work with.

Why is Pages Per Session Important For A Realtor®?

Pages Per Session is a clear indicator of how engaged people are with your website. The more time spent on your website the more likely it is that your Web visitors will turn into leads. So your goal should be to create engaging content that keeps people interested. Create a clear path to your content on your website. Make your website navigation clear and concise. Your home page should be used as a distribution platform, leading to the content your want your visitors to look at.

And this last thought is really important to consider. While your home page should be engaging, no one, except maybe direct referrals, are converting into leads on your home page. So you need to funnel visitors as quickly as you can onto the right page to get them to convert. While this is a topic for another day, it is important to start considering.

Why the Number 2.5 Is So Critical to Your Real Estate Website’s Success

And this is critical. And this may seem a little controversial. But given that 2.5 pages per session number, you have a very limited opportunity to get people’s attention and turn them into leads. Click, click and a half and they are gone. Most likely forever. It is a challenge to get a person to click through to your website so you need to do whatever you can to keep them and turn them into real business.

But here’s the deal – most Realtor® websites are built to funnel traffic to property listings. Other MLS property listings, not yours. Almost every real estate website is built that way. Kazooky has built Realtor® websites in this way at the request of our clients. But it’s not right.

Even if you are a fresh, just-got-your-brand-new-real-estate-license Realtor®. It’s still the wrong strategy for many reasons.

The perceived value of adding MLS listings to your website is that people will browse your listings and possibly contact you to look at that home. Yeah, that might happen. But chances are that person is already engaged with his / her niece Realtor® who just got her brand-new-real-estate-license.  Or even more likely, given the thousands of websites with the exact same listings, they are just kicking tires. Or the most likely result is that they will just click off of your website after 2.5 pages viewed.

And that’s the kicker. For all of the effort you put into getting traffic to your website, people are leaving after 2.5 pages viewed. That’s it. Done. On to the next Realtor® website with the exact same MLS listings.

So given 2.5 or 3.5 or even 4.5 pages per session – when someone is one your website, what do you want them to do?

You want them to contact you. It is as simple as that.

So why would someone who doesn’t know you, contact you? Because you gave them a compelling reason to. But by sending people to MLS listings that they have most likely seen many times, you are wasting your 2.5 page views. Some other Realtor®’s property listing is not a compelling reason to want to hire YOU as their Realtor®. So funnel people to your pages that contain your UVPs, get them excited and interested in you.

Get your message across in 2.5 page views or less.


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