How to Use Google Plus for SEO & Increase Local Web Traffic

As a local business, there are a lot of things you can do online to increase web traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). If you have a local business, you specifically want to increase local web traffic. An essential tactic for increasing local web traffic is using Google Plus (Google+) to help your small business show up higher in search results.  Today we’re going to tell you all about how Google Plus really affects your local traffic and SEO.

How Does Google Plus Improve Your SEO?

Google Will Personalize Search Results Using Google Plus

Possibly the most powerful and easy way to get more search traffic is through Google’s personalization. This means that if someone has added you to their circles on Google Plus, when they search in Google the chances that your posts will appear go way up.

Google Grabs Information Directly From Google Plus

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google will pull information right from your Google Plus business page. That means that your address, phone number, about and all of your other information will appear on Google’s search results more accurately.

How To Optimize Your Google Plus Page

1. Fill Out All Your Business Information Correctly

The three places you should be focusing on in the ‘About’ section of your page are called ‘Story’, ‘Contact Information’ and ‘Links’.

In Story you have two options: a tagline and an introduction. Your tagline here should be the same as you use on your website and on other social media sites. This is important as it creates consistency, but also because the tagline pops up first when someone searches for you. As for the introduction section, here you should include as much pertinent information about your business as you can. Remember that using your industry and local keywords will help you appear more often in searches.

The Contact Information section is extremely important. Because Google pulls information right from Google Plus you want to put down the correct phone number, address, email address and anything else important.

Finally, Links is where you link back to your own website. When your Google Plus page shows up in search results, your potential client will be able to find not only your Google Plus page but also your website for more information. This is also the area where you change your Google Plus URL from one with long with numbers to your business name, for example, ours is now

2. Consistently Share Posts with Local and Industry Keywords on Google Plus

The more industry and local keywords that you share in your Google Plus posts, the more likely you are to show up in search results using those keywords. Also the more often you post on Google Plus and interact with other users, the larger your community of people will become. This also helps your business to show up in search results.

3. Verify Your Business Email And Website

Google Plus allows you to verify your business. Verifying your business’ email and website on Google Plus is vital as it generates a sense of authority for your users and makes your business look more legitimate in the eye’s of search engines. You know your business has been verified when there is a grey check mark next to your website and email.

How to Verify Your Email:

On your Google Plus page go to About, then Contact information
Click the “Verify” link next to your email address
Then Google will send you an email asking you to verify your email
Go to your business Gmail account and follow the prompts from the email to verify your email

How to Verify Your Website:

On your Google Plus page go to About, then Links
Click on “Link Website” next to your website URL
This will then open a window where you have two options
1. You can either follow the instructions and apply the line of code to your homepage yourself or 2. You can email the instructions to your webmaster
Once the code is inserted into your website click the “Test Website” button highlighted and then you’re set!

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