Why Google+ Reviews are Critical for Local Business Success

Despite having the market share when it comes to all things Internet, Google’s social platform, Google Plus (Google+), still flies far under the radar. While social media enthusiasts are quick to list the quad of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as the go-to site for social media marketing, Google+ is the most powerful ally for your local, online business presence.

What is Google+?

Google+ was launched on June 28, 2011 to perform as Google’s social media network. It is often called a “social media layer” as it unites several social media functions into one unique tool. Google+ has a newsfeed where you can share posts and see what your network is posting, a customizable profile, the ability to follow other users, a photo album, pages (hangouts, communities) where you can connect with like-minded users, a place for you to promote your business or brand and a “local” page that shows you businesses in your vicinity.

You can create a free, customizable business page with Google+, which will automatically create your Google My Business account.

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InFighting’s Google+ Business Page

Google My Business & Google+

Google My Business was created to help local businesses manage their online presence. It serves as a dashboard to manage your business listings information on Google Maps, Google’s Knowledge Graph, and connects you to your G+ business page. If you don’t have your Google+ business page yet, signing up with Google My Business will automatically create your Google+ page.

Google+ Reviews Improve Your Google Map Rankings

Having a verified Google+ business page will allow your clients to add reviews on your page. If your Google+ business page is properly optimized and has good reviews, you’ll rank higher in Google map searches. Since the goal is to stand out online among the billion sites on the Internet, these good reviews will go a long way in promoting your business.

Higher Google Map Rankings Increase Web Traffic, Walk-In Customers & Build Your Reputation

We simply cannot understate the power of a high Google ranking, so every legal method you can take to get there should be thoroughly explored. By simply having great reviews on your Google+ business page, not only do your map rankings increase, but so do the number of people visiting your website and the number of customers walking in to your brick-and-motor business. Reviews also show your client base that your products or services are independently verified.

The Secret Star Equation to Get More Clicks

Did you know that five good reviews on your Google+ page will give you yellow stars even if you are not ranking in the top position? That’ powerful!

Think about it – which business would you click on? The one with no yellow stars or the one with a colourful array that shows people have reviewed and liked your business?

A major selling point of Google+ is the yellow star system, and Google rewards those that work hard to get the reviews. To do this, Google doesn’t allocate stars until you have five good reviews.

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Which BJJ gym would you click on?

Google+ Reviews Improves Your Business’ Organic Google Rankings

Your Google+ business page also increases your website’s organic ratings. First, make sure your website is linked on your Google+ page and that you’ve verified your business page with Google. When people see those stars and click on your website or map, Google recognizes you as a sought after site and your organic rankings goes up.

How Can My Clients Add Reviews?

We strongly advise you to ask your satisfied clients to leave positive feedback on your Google+ page. It’s a zero cost way for you to market your business and a great way to improve your Google rankings.

Adding a review is quick and easy.
1. Ask your clients to go to your Google+ page
2. Have them click on the “About” tab at the top of the page
3. From there they will see the “write a review button”

That’s it. With just five great reviews you are on your way to stronger rankings and more web/foot traffic, and isn’t that the kind of plus you want for your business? Take advantage of what Google+ has to offer today.

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