Your Real Estate Website Is A Worn Out Chrysler K Car, Complete With Wood Paneling

First let me say that a Honda Civic is a fine car. In fact it is such a great car that is has been Canada’s most popular car since 1998. I don’t care what the industry or products is, leading anything for 18 years is beyond impressive.

Think about that. In your industry or even your office, has anyone been leading anything for 18 years? Crazy.

Now let’s take this whole analogy and move it to the real estate marketing sector. As a real estate agent, do you know anyone who has led their country, region, city or office for 18 consecutive years? My guess is no. One of our clients, Don Butt, is arguably the most successful agent in the Tri Cities. Maybe even metro Vancouver or Western Canada. He has led his office or region in sales in 12 of the last 18 years. Now that is really impressive. Not Honda Civic impressive but then Michael Jordan isn’t as impressive as the Honda Civic.

Your Real Estate Website Is A Honda Civic

But a Honda Civic won’t help you make sales.

As already pointed out already the Honda Civic is a fine car. So good that it has Canada in sales for 18 consecutive years. That is fantastic for Honda. But it also means that everyone owns a Honda Civic. If you want to stand out a little or make a small statement, chances are you are not going to buy a Honda Civic. You are going to drive something that gets you notice and a little respect as someone who isn’t afraid to step outside the box.

And if we go back to our real estate analogy, you are selling success. When you pull into the driveway of a home owner, you want them to know you are successful. That first impression is everything. It sets the stage for the conversation you are about to have. If you pulled up in a Honda Civic the home owner would instantly be thinking “The last guy pulled up in a Range Rover, what’s wrong with this guy?”.

So why is your real estate website a Honda Civic?

When we talk about first impressions, your car is one of the last things a potential customer sees. And while your car may create a positive emotion, it is hardly the first reason that a prospect will engage with you. The typical flow of events is:

Referral -> Website -> Phone Call -> Meeting

It is not until this last 2 stages that the prospect will start to consider you based on your personal brand and demeanor. But before they ever book an appointment with you, and make no mistake, they are checking out your website. Every time. And this is a fantastic opportunity to show them that you are who they think you are. And that is a successful real estate agent that is on the cutting edge of real estate marketing.

Think about that. In that moment in time, you have a prospects undivided attention to tell them how great you are in pictures and words. Fail and you will never hear from them again. But if you make an impact and impress them you will instantly have created the start of a lucrative bond. Outside of the meeting, where else do you have this opportunity to make that connection? And a connection that happens passively without you having to take hours out of your day.

This is the potential value of your website. But first I need to ask you the question again, why is your real estate website a Honda Civic?

Everyone owns a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla or a Hyundai Elantra. Or at least every can. So why is your real estate website the same as everyone else’s? I have been to literally hundreds of real estate agent websites and only a handful stand out. Maybe even as little as 2 or 3. Every website looks and says the same thing:

  • I am passionate about what I do.
  • Search my website for property listings.
  • My marketing plan is the same as everyone else’s.
  • All sorts of similar links and content that no one will ever read.
  • And it goes on…

And to top it off, none of your websites or pages ever come up on a Google search? Why? Because the cheap websites that you buy have not invested in the technology to allow it. Having your website ranked at the top of Google would literally increase your business by double, triple or more. But that is a topic for another day.

And in a lot of cases, the links and pages do not even work.

And one last criticism, your mobile website is most likely terrible. And considering a majority of your traffic is mobile you are missing a lot of business.

So in fact, your real estate website isn’t even a Honda Civic. This would be insulting the fine automobile that is a Honda Civic. Your website is actually a worn out Chrysler K car complete with wood paneling.

So what do you do? Invest in a new real estate website that makes a big impact and compels prospects to call you? Probably. If that’s not in the budget there are many ways that you can improve your Web presence, starting with focusing on your property listings.




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